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Spa Etiquette


Please check in no later than 5 minutes before your appointment to unwind and relax. Please no earlier than 5 minutes before unless confirmed with owner.

Be aware that if you are running late, your spa treatment may be shortened or cancelled to honor the next guest. Full treatment charges will apply. In order to ensure your comfort, your therapist will professionally drape you during treatments.


We kindly ask that children are not brought in and to arrive alone. We kindly ask that all phones be turned down or off upon arrival to ensure that you are not disturbed during your time with us.

Respectfully, we ask that if your sick with a cold, flu or anything potentially contagious that you reschedule your appointment and visit us when you are well. (at least 14 days)


It is best to avoid waxing or shaving 24 hours prior to a body exfoliation treatment or a pedicure.

Removing make-up or polish prior to your facial or pedicure is optional, but it allows us more time nurturing you, your skin, and feet. We do not apply gel nails and ask that you remove them prior to your service. For Pedicures, it’s best to wear loose fitting pants that roll up to the knee.

Please be aware that we cannot work on feet with advanced cases of fungus (i.e where there is inflammation present) and we recommend that individuals with open sores, cuts or abrasions, athlete’s foot, cracked or infected skin, delicate or thin skin, or infected cuticles see a qualified medical practitioner and wait until the condition has healed before booking an appointment for a pedicure. It is recommended that individuals with severe calluses see a podiatrist.

Cancellation Policy/Spa Policy

We have reserved your appointment time especially for you.

Please provide 24 hours notice for all regular bookings, unless not feeling unwell, have fever, showing any Covid-19 symptoms.

Please be prepared to pay a non-refundable deposit upon booking to reserve your spot if requested by owner.

No refunds

No expiry date on gift certificate purchases, except donations.


Please use the reserved parking space in the driveway. There will be a sign reserved for spa clients to park infront of. Go through walkway in between home and garage to the back patio doors. Door will be locked if i'm with another client. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment to ensure the least amount of contact between clients. Please wear your mask before entering and have it remain on for the duration of your appointment. Our sanitizing station will be provided by the front door to use, when you come in and before leaving.


Gratuities may be given at your discretion in appreciation of excellence. Gratuities may have been added to a gift certificate please inquire.

The best compliment is reviews & referrals!