COVID-19 Protocol

To our valued clients, please ensure you read the following before arriving at the spa.

Guest Protocol:

  • Do not come in if you are not feeling well or have a fever.

  • Please remove your shoes and leave them just inside the door on the mat provided. One way this virus is spread easily is from the bottom of our shoes. I will have a pair of sanitized shoes dedicated to work and I will leave them there to change into. I will also do this in between clients.

  • The mat and door handles will be sanitized after each guest leaves.

  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands, upon your arrival and once again before you leave.

  • I will be wearing a mask/face covering and you will be required to wear one as well. Please have your mask on when entering. If you forget your mask, a disposable one here will be provided. You will be asked to remove it by the strings, then place in the garbage. There you can again sanitize your hands. Avoid touching your mask and have it remain on in the duration of your appointment.

  • I will be wearing gloves during your entire service and or all services.

  • I am allowing extra time for disinfecting my workspace. Please arrive at your scheduled time to ensure the least amount of contact between clients. 

  • Come alone and only bring keys, method of payment. Leave bags behind.

  • Guest services will perform a Precautionary Covid-19 Liability Release Form.

  • If you pay by or leave a cash tip, use exact change.

  • Your pre-booked appointment will be sent electronically.

  • Pay using debit card. Credit card charges will incur a 2.5% service fee. No receipt unless requested. 

Esthetician Protocol

  • Health Check before attending to clients.

  • Wear and handle PPE equipment as per guidelines (mask, face shield/safety glasses) Wash hands for 20 seconds between each client or more frequently.

  • Clean high contact areas and tools between every client using approved sanitation and high grade disinfection methods.

  • Cannot perform facial waxing or facial services.